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Last Updated: Saturday, January 28, 2023

A Potent Growth Promoter And Antioxin (High Concentration Water-Soluble Solution)


Benzoic acid, Citric acid, Acetic acid, Tartaric acid, Sorbic acid, Formic acid, Propionic acid, Phosphoric acid, Copper Penta Sulphate, and other proprietary ingredients, including Beta Glucan and other patented mix.

Product Description

  • AMPHITRIFLE helps stimulate the immune system and the atrophied reproductive organs. It also helps increase and improve metabolic activity and conception rates.
  • AMPHITRIFLE offsets and neutralizes all known mycotoxins. It also aids in the elevation of blood protein and antibody levels.
  • AMPHITRIFLE aids in the prevention of pathogenic gram-negative bacterial infection and helps improve overall production.
  • AMPHITRIFLE can be used as an alternative to antibiotics and growth-promoting medications.
  • AMPHITRIFLE helps maintain an optimal PH of the GI tract, aiding in inhibiting the breeding of pathogenic bacteria, prompting healthy epithelial cells of the gut wall, and strengthening ability and activity to combat harmful pathogens.
  • AMPHITRIFLE effectively helps in preventing and improving diarrhea through its action in maintaining the balance between gastrointestinal tract flora and antibiotics premixes, coccidiostate, and other feed additives.

Product Benefits

  • Helps in the prevention of the following: Aflatoxicosis; pathogen population; multiple mycotoxisis (T2, Citrinin, Zeorelenone, etc.); Ochratoxicosis; fungal contamination; stress on the liver; immune Stress; and ill effects of pesticide residue.
  • Reduces pH of gut and feed. Also aids in inhibiting mold and bacteria.
  • Improves performance and production.